venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Luau Birthday party

Good morning everyone, yesterday has been a really special day, it was my birthday!
I started the day with my dad cooking me a birthday breakfast, a HUGE one and then i met with my best friend Monica for a cupcake :) Some people don't like to celebrate birthdays but i just love it, it's my special day, when i feel loved even more than usual. I spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready my Luau party, i adore throwing theme parties, they are just much more fun than regular ones, i decided, well Monica suggested, an Hawaii theme this year. Since we weren't able to go anywhere for this year spring break we decided to bring the vacation home. I was a little bit worried at first because i only got here in Bari 2 days ago and i was pretty sick too so i didn't have much time to prepare anything. Luckly the atmosphere was great, also thanks to my dad and my brother who helped me all day. My brother really made the difference, he is a barman so i had fancy tropical cocktails to welcome my guest with, he even made me a special birthday cup made out of a coconut shell.
He picked all the cocktails, he decided to go for Margaritas, coconut Mojitos and Tequila sunrise. Awesome.
We had lots of fun and everyone's costume were amazing; i really could have not asked for a better birthday!
I would like to share some pictures from the night with you. I will also be doing a birthday haul post for you guys.
I just want to thank you guys all for the amazing birthday!


My family: dad and brother

Me and my bff Giorgia
me and my bff Monica
 The birthday girl special cocktail 
 coconut mojito 

domenica 17 marzo 2013

Mumford and Sons concert

Hello everyone, i am really sorry i was away for almost 4 days but i have a very good reason for that, i went to Roma to the Mumford and Sons's concert. They are my favorite band and i was so excited to see them! I had a lot of expectation therefore i was quite scared to be disappointed but i had nothing to worry about because it was just the most incredible live i have ever seen, some people like Zachary Levi described it as a life changing experience and i totally agree with them, it really was.
I am very lucky to live in a country were they are not extremely popular, they played in a small club, we were only 3000, it was an amazing atmosphere.
The funniest thing is that while we were in line to get in, at 5pm, i saw a bunch of kids staring at the soccer field next to the line, i was very confused until i realized it was them, Mumford and Sons playing soccer very casually like they had no concert or audience waiting for them. I believe it was a very unique thing lol.
The concert itself was amazing, they sound incredible, they are so passionate, it really felt like they wanted to be there and wanted to tell a story and it's not something very obvious because it happened to me before to attend big band's concerts and have the feeling that they didn't really want to be there, i know that performing every night in different cities is not easy, that's why i appreciated the Mumfords even more.
The night of the show it as S. Patrick and also Ted's (bass and voice) birthday, we sang happy birthday all together and since i was in the front row i could see his embarrassed expression, very cute.

 i'm not going to lie, he is my favorite :P

 All the pictures are taken by me. 

lunedì 11 marzo 2013

The HAIRMED miracle...

Good morning everyone, how is your monday going so far?
I just finished my week-end beauty routine, you might be thinking i'm crazy or that i lost track of the calendar but i was sick all weekend so i wasn't able to do it and since i had a little bit of spare time today, i decided to catch up with it.
Today i would like to talk you about my current favorite hair care brand and my favorite re-bulding hair treatment. As some of you might already know, i have really dry and damaged hair, therefore, i have to do a specific treatment every month or so.
Hairmed is an italian hair care brand, specified in the use of renewable vegetable sources, to make products that are safe for people and the planet. I discovered it in last year Glossybox and i immediately loved it. Their products, in particular the set i have tried, the "re-buldling" one, does wonders to your hair, it takes an hour to do but it's totally worth it. Right after, my hair feels shiny, silky and thicker, i wish you could touch them before and after the treatment.
They have a line for every need: dry hair, oily hair, sun protection, smog, detox...the list is endless.
The set i purchased is a little bit more expensive than my usual haircare budget but the splurge was completely worth it.
The first thing you do is wash your hair with the re-building shampoo (1), then on humid hair you apply the volume re-building fluid (2) making sure you spread it everywhere, from the scalp to the ends; one you are done, you let it sit for 30minutes. After that, you rinse them and you apply the essential mask (3), wait 5 minute and rinse.
You are done now, style as usual. My last tip is to blow-dry your hair when humid and not when is soaking wet, it's better for your hair, for your bills and for the environment.
I will definitely repurchase it and i can't wait to try out their summer line, i also really love the packaging, the syrup bottles are very cute.
I hope this review as useful, i'll leave you their website link if you are interested.
Bye :)




lunedì 4 marzo 2013

Get ready with me, my outfit and makeup

Hello everyone, today i wanted to try something new, i did a Get ready with me video and took some pictures of my OOTD (outfit of the day). I'm not sure how good the final result is or if you guys like this kind of posts but i wanted to try :D. This Monday morning was very sunny in Milano and that is quite unusual here, so i felt in a very good mood and ready to start my day. I also wanted to share with you my latest find and new love: "Apocalips" lip lacquer by Rimmel in n.303 but you will see in the next few days an entire post dedicated to it.
I hope you like it, see you tomorrow XO
Have a fantastic week!

Click here if you want to see how i created this look and makeup!!

hair detail 

details of the outfit: necklace from Coin 20€
Shorts from Stradivarius
Shirt: tailor made 
Jacket: Emporio Armani