giovedì 30 maggio 2013

OOTD: Spring blossom

Hey there friends :) Today i want to share with you my ootd, even if the weather is not the best in Milano right now, i wanted to cheer myself up by wearing bright colors. I hope you like my outfit and makeup, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.
I hope you are having a great day.

a still from my ootd video! here is the link to the video if you want to watch it  on youtube!

100th Post...

Post n. 100 on ellyinmakeupland ,wow, a big goal i'd like to share with you all.
 I am now in bed wondering on whether  i should put this up now or not. I don't really know what to say, except thank you all for sticking by me in this past few months. Every view, every subscription means the world to me, it keeps me motivated! I should bake cupcakes for you all :)
A lot of exciting thing are coming up and i can't wait to share them with you!
I have always been a little insecure and it might seem crazy but by exposing myself more with the blog and the youtube channel i became more confident, knowing that around the world somewhere someone is interested in what i write is a great feeling.
So, like the latins would say " ad maiora" and i'll see you guys very soon!
I love you all!

Me right now :)

sabato 25 maggio 2013

My favorites guilt free snacks

I don't know about you guys but i always have to keep myself motivated to eat healthy and workout. I like to treat myself with something after i do a good job at the gym, if you like to do the same, here's my favorites guilt free snacks.

- Dried fruit
This is the perfect treat for all the candy lovers, dried apricots or dried plums are super sweet and they even have the texture of candy. I am addicted to them! In 30g there is only 0.009g of fat. They are also a great pick-me-up if you have low blood sugar.

-Mixed nuts
 Nuts are one of my favorite foods ever and they are also great for you. Of course, the mixed nuts i'm talking about don't have added salt or oil, get the plain natural one; also don't overdo, a handful should do the trick. 

-Cherry tomatoes, carrots and low fat cream cheese
Get a few cherry tomatoes and one carrot, cut them as you prefer, then spread a little bit of low fat cream cheese and enjoy. This is a very fresh and yummy snack, perfect for summer. Don't cheat, i said just a little bit of cream cheese ;) 

Now, if you have been super good, if you ate all your veggies and worked out, i guess you could have a couple of these heavenly tasting french pastries. They're made with egg white and almond flour, so they don't have a lot of calories in them. They look adorable and taste amazing. 

domenica 19 maggio 2013

OOTD: Like a canvas

Hey there friends, today i have a outfit of the day for you, i feel like i haven't done one in a very long time. I got this pretty shirt in a vintage market last sunday, i am in love with the pattern, looks like a Monet painting. I pared it with a simple mint green sweater, i am particularly obsessed with color this spring, in fact i am wearing it on the nails too. For shoes i am wearing a pair of fushia platform sandals that i got last year for sale and of course i couldn't leave the house without my vintage Swatch watch and my yellow bracelet. What do you guys think of this outfit?

 this is just me being silly with my roomate's sunglasses :P

sabato 18 maggio 2013

Get the look: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus get the lookMiley Cyrus's style has evolved considerably over the past few years, she completely emancipated herself from Hanna Montana, she left behind cute dresses and sequins to became a strong, edgy confident woman. A lot of people admire her bold fashion choices, so today, i decided to dedicated her a "Get the look" post.
Dressing like Miley is very easy, get a pair of combat boots, a crop top and voilà! I love the way she can be edgy and classy at the same time, she always keeps it very minimal.

Miley cyrus just chillin

The first outfit i was inspired by, is this floral print crop-top paired with high waisted shorts and of course, combat boots. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a crop top you can totally wear a floral print top or shirt. This outfit is perfect in the summer time, it's comfy, fun and stylish.  As for makeup, in the daytime Miley keeps it very very minimal; just wear a nice coat of mascara, some black pencil in the water line, a little bit of blush and some nude lipstick.
Daytime Miley Cyrus

The second outfit is probably my favourite, i love maxi dresses, i think they are very easy to style and perfect in the heat. She usually pairs them with a short leather jacket and a few gold bangles. If you notice, Miley loves paring black and gold. As for the bag, get a big black shopper. If you are not tall, try wearing some wedges or hills, maxi dress are a lot more flattering with a little height. For this look, wear a soft smoky eyes and a nude lipstick.

Party in the USA

The last outfit is her night time look, on the red carpet she always wows everyone. I absolutely love her in this black dress. If you want to reproduce this look, get a long black dress better if the neck has some cool details, wear some black pumps, get a black clutch, accessorize with something black and sparkly and you are ready to go. This outfit looks incredible with a black smoky eyes and super nude lips, wear just a little bronzer for contouring but no blush.

I hope you enjoyed my Miley Cyrus get the look, i'll see you soon XO

giovedì 16 maggio 2013

How to reduce skin break outs

Let's be honest, we have all struggled with break outs at least once in our life, some of us are still trying to get rid of them. Some of them are caused by hormonal imbalances, some others by allergies but most commonly break outs are caused by bacterias. If you belong to this last group like i do, here's some easy tips to reduce it:

-Change your bed sheets at least once a week.
It might not seem like a big deal but our face rests on the pillow for a least 5 hours a day so if the sheet is not clean it might cause your skin to break out.

-Change your towel al least once a week.
It really makes no sense to wash your face with a great cleanser everyday and then use a dirty towel to dry it. Changing it every week will sensibly reduce your chances to get a skin break out, also if you can, try not to share it. It's more hygienic if everybody has his own face towel.

-Use a cleanser every morning and every night.
Cleaning your face twice a day is very important, purchase the cleanser that better suits your skin type and try not to get one with too many petroleums in it. A good cleanser should help remove built-up oil and debrits from the skin, help unclog the pores and clear the cutis.

-Remove makeup every night before bed
Now, this is a very important step especially if you wear foundation and concealer, if you don't remove them your skin won't breath, the makeup will clog the pores and you will end up with pimples all over your face in the morning. Also the ingredients makeup is made with are usually not good at all for the skin, so the least they sit on your face, the better.

-Pay attention to skin care products/ makeup expiration date.
If you didn't know that already, yes, beauty goodies do expire. Usually the date is a little number close to the picture of an opened jar that indicates the amount of months you can keep that product for. Sometimes i struggle to use everything up before the expiration date, a tip could be to share it with a friend, you will not only save money but you will avoid having to trow out something you haven't finished yet. Of course you don't have to trow it away the day it expires but don't keep it for too long.

-Don't wear foundation while you work out
Sweat and foundation don't go along well. Wearing foundation is like having an extra layer on your skin so if you do while you work out your skin won't be able to breath and let the sweat out, that can cause your skin to get irritated.

I hope this post was useful, i'll see you next time. XO

sabato 11 maggio 2013

Sleeping BB Mask by Erborian REVIEW

Hello there friends, today i have a review for you. As soon as i walked into Sephora the other day, this kit caught my eyes; i have been wanting to try some Korean BB creams for a very long time but i had never heard before of a sleeping BB mask. I had to give it a try.
The lovely box contained a 50ml BB mask and a 15ml BB cream and it was 22€. I decided to go for the value pack because i didn't want to splurge buying both products full size since i didn't know if would like them. I have to say i am pretty satisfied by the size of the BB mask for the price.
The BB mask is described as " This cocoon night mask works during your sleep and transforms your skin for a velvety, ultra-soft, spotless finish. the break-through formulation contains a concentrated combination of longevity herbs, used in Asia for centuries for their anti-aging properties"
It's supposed to give you a baby softness and  fight all signs of stress, they recommend applying it 2-3 times a week after a stressful day.
I have to say i really like it dries really quickly on your skin so it doesn't transfer on the pillow, it lives the skin really soft and moisturized and it's very easy to wash the next morning. I think is also perfect for a long fly treatment since it's transparent it won't bother the other passengers and you can wash it off before the landing.
I recommend getting the box i got because for the same price of a full size BB mask you also get a 15ml BB cream.
I also really like the packaging and you can totally re-use the box it comes in.

mercoledì 8 maggio 2013

Lana del Rey live at Assago Forum

Hey there friends, today's post is about something quite exciting if you like concerts or especially if you like Lana. Yesterday i went to her concert at Assago forum. You might have figured out at this point that i love gigs, i even enjoy the line sometimes, i love meeting a lot of nice people, bonding over all the common interests we have and supporting each other to survive the long wait. Of course, not everyone is nice this way and there is always someone that tries to sneak in the front row when he's not supposed to or ties to bring people down, but i don't want to talk about this, i want to talk about positive things.
I went to the concert mostly for one of my two best friends Giorgia but even if i wasn't Lana's biggest fan i truly enjoyed every single song and her positive and grateful attitude. 
She was really impressed about how many hours her "friends", the way she calls her fans, waited in line to see her. I totally get why everyone fought for the front row, douring the first song Cola and the last one National Anthem and sometime even in the middle of the perform, she hugs, takes pictures and  talks to the front row. I was lucky enough ( i don't know if i would define 14 hours of line luck ;P) to be in the front, so i got to talk to her very briefly and to touch her, i know this sound kind of creepy. My friend Giorgia even got her album signed.
The stage setting was very beautiful, it felt like USA and belle époque mixed together, the opening act was amazing, The Kassidy played beautifully, they had great voices and sounded kind of Mumford and Sons so i couldn't not like them and if i might say, one of the band members Hamish is incredibly good-looking.
Overall it was a great gig, even Anna Dello Russo and the DSquared brothers came to see the show!
I'm very sorry i don't have any good quality pictures because in the arena it was forbidden to take pictures with Reflex cameras and i don't have jet a compact one so i had to use my Iphone, i hope you will enojoy them anyways. Oh, i had the opportunity to observe her makeup from very close so i'm thinking of filming a makeup tutorial very soon.

the line 
 me in line :P
 the stunning stage
 the Kassidy

 Lana del Rey

 this is how close to the stage i was, i used no zoom. 

 this is the makeup i might film a tutorial on. 

sabato 4 maggio 2013

The Great Gatsby inspired makeup tutorial

Hey there love-bugs, today i have a makeup tutorial for you inspired by Daisy, the main female character from the Great Gatsby. Since the movie is coming out in a few weeks and i just finished reading the book i figured it was the perfect time to film it.
The story takes place in the 20's; i am a huge fan of that time period's fashion, i just love the way they looked. The typical 20's makeup consist of a wash of brown eyeshadow all over the lid, strong brows, flawless skin and of course red lipstick. 
This is a very easy makeup to do because it doesn't have many steps at all.
I hope you'll like it :)

If you want to watch the makeup tutorial, here is the link to my Youtube channel.

P.S. i am so so sorry i was away for so long but i had a terrible internet connection back home and i couldn't upload anything. Don't you worry, i have a lot of posts coming up. Thank you so much for your patience :)